Don’t have time, ability or means to come to the clinic? Mobile Therapy brings massage/reflexology to your home, workplace or to the special event.

A Caring Touch of Massage – a mobile massage therapy for older people and people living with dementia.  All treatments can be offered to clients in their own homes, in Residential Care Homes or in hospital. Being qualified in different types of massage and having years of experience of working as a holistic therapist I can tailor a treatment according a client’s need by using reflexology and variety of massage techniques.

Initial consultation is free prior to the first appointment. This may involve family, carers, professionals & friends to obtain an accurate picture of the person.

Benefits of Massage for Older People

Several studies have investigated whether massage therapy can relieve some of the symptoms of two common conditions associated with aging: osteoarthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. According to this research massage can speed up healing from injury and illness, stimulate bowels, deepen breathing, improve length and quality of sleep and relaxation, and relieve anxiety and depression. Patients who are unable to communicate in conventional ways are still able to direct the therapist’s hand to painful areas. Therapist’s person-centered approach provides patients with the opportunity to express their needs, making them feeling safe, loved and cared for.