Reflexology is a completely safe and highly effective method of healing (recognised also by NHS). It works by applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet, hands or face. Each reflex point corresponds to a particular organ or part of the body. If there’s a problem in your body, the reflex points can become sensitive. Your feet actually can tell the story of your health. When precise pressure is applied to the sensitive reflex, there’s a stimulating effect through the nervous system. This can help to reduce pain, improve nerve and blood supply, normalise body functions and relax the body, mind and spirit.

As a reflexology therapy specialist I would like to share with my clients experience and observations based on many years of practice as a therapist. Therefore I offer the following specialities in reflexology:

  • Reflexology and Women’s Health
  • Reflexology and Digestive System
  • Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reflexology for Joints and Back Pain
  • Reflexology for the Elderly and Ill
  • Hand Reflexology

Reflexology can benefit people of all ages. The elderly in particular find the therapy very beneficial as it can assist in relieving the aches and pains of rheumatism, arthritis, and can help relieve tension due to anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and depression. Reflexology can be used in conjunction with other therapies, including massage, lymphatic drainage, Hopi ear candles or healing heat therapy.

After each reflexology session you will be given advice on self-help hand reflexology to enhance health, vitality and carry on treatment at your home prior to your next appointment.