• Self-help hand reflexology in everyday life.
  • Baby reflexology and baby massage for parents and carers.
  • Hands and feet massage for carers/elderly couples.
  • Exercise classes tailored to client’s needs to improve mobility and flexibility for elderly.
  • The Caring Touch of Massage, therapy and trainings – operates only from Massage & Wellbeing.

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Hand, Arm and Feet Massage Training

Professional half day training course comes with a unique blend of massage techniques, acupressure, reflexology and simple exercises and offers intense health benefits.

Training is intended for both carers by profession and family members.

Whether you care for children or elderly, frail or hyperactive, parents or grandchildren, you will be amazed with the profound effect of the tender loving and powerful touch of your hands.

The therapeutic effects of hand and foot massage last long after the treatment is over. Benefits are individual, varied and cumulative and include the following:

  • Relief from pain and stiffness in the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hands and feet and increased mobility of the joints in the hands and feet.
  • Improved blood circulation to nourish and warm the extremities
  • Efficient removal of waste products and excess fluid to reduce puffiness
  • Strengthened immune system to fight infection
  • Deep physical and mental relaxation induced by massage has been shown to help lower blood pressure
  • Regular gentle massage of arthritic hands can ease pain and improve mobility in the fingers and helping to increase a person’s independence
  • Gentle touch and stroke has the power to instantly alleviate your baby’s crying, crankiness, gas, tummy pains and general discomfort.

To take in a lot of new information and make it easier we have created two half day courses. You can choose either one of them for the price of £65.00 or both for the price of £120.00.

Small groups of max 6 in a class.

Training will be held at Massage & Wellbeing, 18 Gandy Street, ExeterFor the date and availability please contact me.

Family Reflexology Group

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive complementary therapy suitable and safe for any age from a new born and toddler to the elderly, and can help with many common ailments and problems. To learn how to alleviate some health problems and discomfort you can come with your friend or other member of family (parent, child, partner for instance) and join a family group. Each lesson has got a different topic: e.g. anxiety and panic attack, back pain and stiff neck, headaches and migraine, hormonal imbalance. You will learn how to work specific reflex points of your feet and hands, and exchange experiences with other members of a group.

Small groups of max 6 in a class: Price £10.00 per person

Training will be held at Massage & Wellbeing, 18 Gandy Street, Exeter.

For the date and availability please contact me.

Self-Help Hand Reflexology Course

Hand Reflexology is one of the most accommodating therapies when it comes to self-help techniques. Everybody can easily access their hands and work them very effectively. As I often give my clients a homework between sessions (to work specific reflex points) I came with the idea to teach people basic self-help hand reflexology to relieve their pain, anxiety or maintain mobility in a limb, for example. The aim of the training is to teach how to help yourselves and your friends/members of family to manage everyday minor health problems/aches/pains such as headaches, earaches, cramps, anxiety/panic attack or travel sickness by tender/gentle touch of your own hands/fingers.

Duration of the course is 4 hours for the price £65.00

Small groups of max 6 in a class.

Course will be held at Massage & Wellbeing, 18 Gandy Street, Exeter.

For the date and availability please contact me.

Training Courses & Groups

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